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George and the Dragon tells the fictional story of how George uses his wits rather than swords to win a battle with the dragon, Fafnair the Fourth, who is eating all the food in the village. Audiences of all ages will love the antics of the insatiable dragon as well as those of the lovable townspeople ruled by Mayor Meyer. Will it be a contest of wit, or brains against brawn?! Fun filled music includes the dragon's tango and a fifties rendition of women's lib among the townspeople. Truly a joyful theatrical experience for the entire family!

Cast Requirements

  • Mayor Meyer
  • Mrs. Mayor Meyer
  • Hildegarde
  • Harold
  • Bertha
  • Bernard
  • Aloysius
  • Frederick
  • The Dragon, Fafnair IV
  • Sabrina
  • George
  • Agatha
  • Townspeople as desired (optional)