noah's rainbow



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Noah's Rainbow adds a new twist to the story of the Great Flood while giving Noah's real reasons for building and populating the Ark. The story is based upon the original Biblical story, but also incorporates recent research and archaeological finds. Modern elements and enchanting music add lighthearted touches to the scenes, bringing the characters to life for young and old alike.

Cast Requirements

  • God
  • 3 Heavenly Hosts
  • Noah
  • Noah's Wife
  • Ry-An, Shaman
  • Pit-Man, Shaman
  • Shem
  • Ham
  • Japheth
  • Shem's Wife
  • Ham's Wife
  • Japheth's Wife
  • Farmers (at least 3)
  • Old Farm Woman
  • A Little White Dove
  • Mule and animals (optional)
  • Townspeople
  • Villagers (at least 3)