Tell's tale



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Tell's Tale
Bad Enough
I Love You Because
Governor Gessler
What I Feel Inside
When the Going Gets Tough


Tell’s Tale, also known as The Apple and the Archer, is the fun-filled, completely fictional story of William Tell and the events leading up to shooting the apple off his son’s head. Witness first hand the contest between the greedy Governor Gessler and William, and enjoy the zany antics of his henchmen, three characters who strongly resemble the Marx Brothers!

Cast Requirements

  • Renfield
  • Renquist
  • Renfrew
  • Governor Gessler
  • Tall Pole
  • Myrtle Mendelbaum
  • Helga Hummelmeyer
  • Penelope Plushbottom
  • William Tell
  • Jeremy Tell
  • Albert
  • Wilhelmina
  • Villagers